Introducing Single-Sort Recycling

Allied Waste, one of the nation’s recycling leaders, is looking for 2,000 volunteers as we introduce our renowned single-sort recycling program to new areas of Santa Rosa County.

It’s recycling made easy: just place all recyclable items in your blue 95-gallon cart for pickup every other week. We’ll handle all the sorting. This program is available to new and existing Allied Waste residential customers within service areas, and the cost ($16/month + fees) is about the same or less than your current pickup service!

There are plenty of reasons to recycle, and Single-Sort Recycling from Allied Waste has numerous advantages over other programs:

  • Ease of use. By keeping it simple, participation in recycling increases dramatically.
  • The cart advantage. Our 95-gallon carts have the same footprint as smaller bins, with enough capacity for even the most serious recyclers. Equipped with wheels and lids, they roll easily to the street and keep your recycling secure in its place.
  • Less truck traffic. We collect recycling every other week, on the same day as your regular weekly trash pickup, contributing to a cleaner, quieter neighborhood.

We are selecting a limited number of households for the initial rollout, so sign up today!